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live casinos, uk casinosGambling in the UK was not demonized by the government as much as in other countries. The first legal casino in the UK was established in 1961, since then over half a century passed. Throughout that time the law was slowly developed in order to liberalize the UK casinos even more. Today we have the gambling ads going on, and no one is especially bothered. The reason is Gambling in the UK is strictly regulated, so people know there’s no threat of scam, etc. Back in 2007 a lot of casinos that weren’t from the UK and didn’t meet the regulations were banned from advertising. A casino in the UK needs to prevent children gambling, care about people vulnerable to addiction, and, of course, to ensure that the games are fair. Considering that, the UK is one of the safest places for gambling.


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But what does it mean to us? Firstly, the UK casinos can have a long tradition, so they can provide us with the best experience possible. Obviously, it doesn’t mean there are no cheaply made internet casinos, but you can always find something special. Secondly, a customer is treated with the highest respect, since everything has to meet the regulations. The Terms and Conditions are always invisible places, so the player can easily check all rules. What is more, there is high a competition between the top big UK casinos. That ensures the customer will have the best promotions and offers at all time.

The safety of the UK casinos, the long tradition and good government regulations. All of that makes gambling in a UK casino a special experience. But it is not only because of that. There are other factors that make the UK casinos unique.

What makes the UK Casinos unique?

Besides what we have already mentioned, there is a bit more.

First of all, the UK casino has a unique method of payment. That is because this method is only available for the residents of the UK. With that method, you can pay by phone bill without a fee. But we’ll talk about it in details soon in this article. What is more, there is a big variety of casinos in the UK market. Thanks to that, the customer has a lot of choices. Sometimes you can feel lost while you have a lot to choose from. But it shouldn’t be an issue here. There are a lot of sites, including our site, that review the casinos and let you browse quickly through them. Another example may be the huge popularity of mobile solutions when it comes to gambling. A lot of casinos include mobile sites or even apps for Android and iOS.

All in all, one can see that the UK casino market has a lot to offer. Moreover, it may be one of the best places to gamble by your mobile phone.

Boku – a payment solution exclusive to the UK

logo bokuWe have already mentioned this way of paying, or rather, in this case, depositing. It is very important to every UK customer. Such a good way of paying by your mobile phone is rare in the world. Usually, when you use an SMS to pay, half of the amount goes to the provider. Such payment solutions shouldn’t be even called ‘solutions’, this is just a bad way of handling the transaction. That is why Boku pay by mobile is so popular and a lot of people in the world wish they would have this payment option in their country.

After that brief introduction, let us do a quick tour through all of the most important details of Boku pay by mobile.

First of all, to use Boku pay by mobile you only need to have the UK phone number. Literally, all else doesn’t matter. Therefore, you don’t need to fill up your details anywhere. This means you are anonymous, which is very good since all of your personal details are safe. In today’s world, it’s very rare to keep your personal information away from merchants. Usually, any service you use requires all of your personal data. Sometimes it achieves ridiculous levels, when, in order to request a tiny service, first you need to share all of your personal info. Considering that, it’s so good to have a payment option which is anonymous. Obviously, Boku isn’t the only one, you could easily also mention Paysafecard, which is worldwide, or Zimpler in Sweden. Those are also good alternatives.

And the last thing considering an ease of use. You can have a contract with your mobile provider or use the prepaid card. If you wondered about that, then we are happy to tell you – it doesn’t matter.

Another topic to know about Boku is the limit of transactions. Boku lets you pay a maximum of £10 at a time, and overall you can spend £30 during the day. Those limits come handy when you value controlling the amounts you spend. You can’t overspend using Boku, which is good if you often catch yourself spending way too much. Some people may say it’s not enough for them, but keep in mind Boku is designed for phones. You can still deposit a lot with payment options suited better for big amounts.

The obvious thing for Boku, but perhaps the most important, is that it is free to use. We’ve already said that, but let’s make it clear. You don’t pay any fees, so the whole amount goes to the receiver.

Finally, let us show you how simple it is to make transactions with Boku. Treat it as a quick guide!

  1. Look for and select ‘Pay with your mobile number’ payment method.
  2. After being redirected to Boku’s payment panel, check if the amount on the screen is correct. Then enter your mobile number.
  3. You will receive a text message. Respond ‘Y’ to authenticate and confirm payment at no extra cost.
  4. You just deposited funds to the casino, have fun playing!

UK mobile casinos

What is interesting, there are a growing number of mobile casinos in the UK market. Although it isn’t unique, it’s still a very relevant topic. What is fun in mobile UK casino? The answers come quickly and are pretty obvious, but let’s still talk about those, if you happen to be not familiar at all with such topic.

mobile casino spin itTo start with, mobile UK casinos allow you to play at any place you want. You can have your whole gambling centre at the reach of your hand – in your smartphone. You can download the application of the mobile casino or just use its mobile site. Since most of the mobile sites are well-thought, you are likely to encounter a responsive and flawlessly working experience. Nowadays everyone owns a smartphone, so getting into gambling is seriously so easy that is basically comes to you. It may be a bad thing for some, obviously. But currently any product aims to go to the customer, so we shouldn’t be surprised. What is more, we should be happy that things are more accessible. For some, it may not be true considering gambling. Perhaps that is the con of having things at the reach of our hands.

Another thing to mention is that there are not only mobile games in mobile casinos. Slots are considered the most popular mobile casino titles. Actually, most of the mobile UK casinos offer much more than just slots. Regular casino games, even live tables, lotteries etc. All are common.

Finally, after we know a bit about the mobile casinos, let’s get to an obvious topic. What should I know in order to play?

What should I know when playing in a UK casino?

First of all, let’s focus on basic things. Playing in a UK casino is allowed for adults, it means you have to be over 18. A UK casino needs to actively oppose underage gambling.

Secondly, choose a casino that has a license of the UK Gambling Commission. This is to ensure you are playing at a place meeting all regulations. When there is such license, you should feel safe while playing. At the moment it’s hard to find a casino without such license, those can’t even advertise properly. Still, checking the license should be a basic thing for a responsible player.

Thirdly, it’s good to read, at least briefly, the Terms of Conditions of the UK casino of our choice. Make sure you read all the details considering welcome bonuses, check out the deposit and withdrawal info. In some UK casinos, you may, for example, wait more than a week since withdrawing in order to get the money. Such info obviously won’t be stated in the most visible places, so you should check basic things like that.

Gamble Responsibly – T&C Apply to all bonuses – Underage gambling is illegal

Get the best bonuses from the UK casino!

Finally, have fun and always keep up with the promotions in a UK casino. It’s always good to have a little extra. Any casino you will join is going to offer you lots of promotions, those are often very profitable. But as we said previously, don’t be fooled! Some juicy promotions may not be so juicy after you read the Ts&Cs. Usually, those terms should be listed somewhere near the promotion info. After reading those it can be clear that a huge promotion can have a big wagering requirement or needs you to deposit a lot. It rarely happens, but still, it’s good to know what ground you are standing.

When it comes to wagering requirement, some people not familiar with gambling can have no idea what is going on. Let’s explain by considering the welcome bonus. Every casino you will encounter is going to offer a fresh player the welcome package/bonus. You claim the bonus when depositing, it can be free spins for slots, but the most common is the match bonus. Such bonus will increase your deposit by the given percentage up to some amount. For example, there can be 100% match bonus up to £200 for the first deposit. It means that while you deposit your first time, you get another amount of the money in your bonus account. So, if you deposited £200, you will get £400 overall, but only £450 if you deposited £250, cause £200 is the max. bonus.

Then, you have to wager the bonus. In order to do that, you have to meet the wagering requirement. It means that you have to bet in the UK casino x times the bonus amount or both the deposit and bonus amount. For example, x30 wagering of both deposit and bonus means that while getting £100+£100 you have to wager £6000 overall. In the case of x50 of only the bonus amount it would be £5000, so always read carefully!

Finally, after completing the requirement, your money from bonus account goes to the real account. You can withdraw them since those are your funds now.

The last thing, find your UK casino!

That are all the most important topics considering a UK casino. The last step is just to find one and start playing. You can find a lot of UK casinos in many places on the internet. A lot of sites will let you read the reviews, so the choice shouldn’t be really that hard.

All in all, we wish you luck during your casino fun!

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